Book Review of “Cherished Mercy” by Tracie Peterson

My Review of “Cherished Mercy” a book by Tracie Peterson published by Bethany House

I recommend this book to those of you who enjoy reading frontier stories filled with faith, values, adventure, historical fact and romance , for it has all that and more.
The setting is in the Oregon Territory in the year 1855.
For those of you who know your US History you will know this was a time of much conflict between the US Army and the Native Americans.

This book tells the story of Mercy Flanagan who had traveled West with her family to find land and build homes.
Mercy, who as a child endured the Massacre at the Whitman Mission as a child, is now grown.  She is a young woman and lives in Oregon City, Oregon with her two sisters who are married with children. Mercy has yet to marry and so is contacted for help by a family friend who lives in the Rogue River Valley at a Mission. The Mission ministers to the Rogue River Indians who live in the area, especially the Tututni tribe.
This family friend is having a difficult pregnancy because her health is poor and she needs help to care for her husband, child and Mission duties.
Mercy is understandably hesitant to go given her previous experience with the events at the Whitman Mission, but as she and her sisters pray about it, she decides it is God’s will that she go.

The first chapter in this book seemed very slow reading as it was describing all the necessary background to what one needed to know in order to grasp what was to come, but Chapters 2 thru 26 are much different!
You will find it hard to stop reading as each chapter will challenge you to find out what is going to happen next!  This book is a very enjoyable read that will touch all of your emotions.

“Cherished Mercy” is Book #3 in the “Heart of the Frontier” series.
Book #1 is “Treasured Grace” Book #2 is “Beloved Hope”

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–Leona J. Atkinson


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