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Looking At Lincoln (2012)

by Maira Kalman(Favorite Author)
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039924039X (ISBN13: 9780399240393)
Nancy Paulsen Books
review 1: I have always found Abraham Lincoln to be an interesting person to study because he did so much good for our country. This book did not disappoint. It is a story about a little girl that sees a man that remands her of Lincoln and then takes us on a journey through his life. One of the things that I liked most about this book was that when the little girl is thinking something the book is written in one font and then when it is an actual fact the book is written in a different font. This illustrations stand out because they are full of color and done with different styles of paint. In the back matter there is a list of sources that were used to write the book and additional notes, that as a teacher would be very useful.
review 2: An excellent book for element
... moreary-aged kids ... and their parents! I learned lots about Lincoln that I didn't know. This book includes plenty of interesting trivia-bits about our sixteenth president (things that make this great man a little more accessible, like his favorite flavor of cake). What I especially appreciated, though, was the attempt to bring home Abraham Lincoln's legacy to the present day at a level that children will understand. I found this book to be visually interesting, from the mix of types to the bold illustrations to the print of the entire Gettysburg Address on the inside covers. Grab this one from the library in time for Presidents Day this month! less
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I love this book. Amazing story paired with beautiful illustrations.
I didn't realize just how "for children" it is. Oh well.
A nice book for introducing Abraham Lincoln to kids.
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