Ghosts creep through my mind

Conjuring up all of the things I fear the most

Illusions of insecurities haunt me

Floating spirits whisper secrets in my ears

Fake news from the crypt filters through

Dust from dead men’s bones settle on my thoughts

We all know Ghosts aren’t real

There is really nothing to fear

So why do I think I am seeing ghosts

Why do I listen to whispers of the dead

Why not blow that dust back where it came from

I know who I am without affirmation

Nothing can change what I have become

Ghosts of the mind just synonyms for worry

Floating past my line of sight

Attempting to draw attention

Trying to steal my strength

I know better

I live in the Light of Truth

Ghosts of worry cannot hold a candle to that

Strength and courage carries me on

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