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Axe Cop: Volume One (2011)

by Malachai Nicolle(Favorite Author)
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1595826815 (ISBN13: 9781595826817)
Dark Horse Books
Axe Cop
review 1: 3.5 stars. I'm so lost on how to feel about Axe Cop. On one hand, it's a fully imaginative and silly premise of a story that only gets more absurd as you turn the pages. On the other hand, you can definitely tell it's "written" by a 5-year old because fights don't extend past chopping heads off, and all logic is thrown out the window. I really enjoyed the book for what it was, but it definitely is something you have to take in moderation. I think for kids, this would be a brilliant and super easy read, but unfortunately it's kind of violent for kids. Granted, it's nothing kids don't talk about or imagine, but I think even with the omission of things like blood and bad words, the older brother who draws the comic still depicts some of his little brother's ideas in a more ad... moreult mindset. So while the book is silly and childish, it is most definitely a time portal back to the days of imagining toy soldiers were more than just that, and where anything was possible. The notes by the author on the logic behind Malachai's stories are really informative, and serve the humor really well as to explain his thought process behind some things. The art is cool, and especially for what I'm sure is given to him as ideas. I also really enjoyed Ask Axe Cop, as those are probably the best part about the book. I really liked the one where Axe Cop explains the SECRET ATTACK!I think it's probably more palatable and enjoyable as a weekly web comic, and not a one sitting read. Overall, a really genius and unique idea for a funny book. If you think little kids are funny and you don't find their simple, yet strangely humorous and complex imaginations annoying, read this book.
review 2: Yes, I was dreadfully late to the whole Axe Cop thing. In case for some odd reason you are reading this review before anything else about the book, the gist is this: Two brothers make this comic, aged five and 29. The younger writes, the eldest draws, and it is unquestionably borne from a child's imagination. This cuts both ways, as the stories can be amazingly imaginative but, at the same time, not exactly complex. This is great and it is bad. You can blow through this book in two evenings and have a number of great big smiles and laughs, but eventually the patterns will shine through: people get blood smeared on them, they absorb powers, and then they get poison dumped on them. It is fun. It is goofy. And some may think it is exploitative, but I think those are just people who are jealous they never had their big-kid brother draw in amazing detail all their ridiculous stories and enjoy them become a big deal on the Internet and also turned into a TV show on FOX. Well, boo-hoo, to those who can't enjoy the fun and go along on the crazy thrill ride that this comic offers. Go in with an open mind and you will be dazzled for quite some time. Guaranteed. less
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Release the imagination of a young child, and this happens.
Crazy awesome. Or awesome crazy. I'm not sure which.
i wish i could somehow give this 6 stars.
Written by a 5 year old, hilarious.
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