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Elephant's Friend And Other Tales From Ancient India (2012)

by Marcia Williams(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
1406335231 (ISBN13: 9781406335231)
Walker & Company
review 1: I checked this book out from the public library when I learned it had been recognized by an Asian award group. The stories are short and provide a quick glance at cultural values through folkloric characters. The themes are universal, and I enjoyed most of the stories. Sadly, I was disappointed by the illustrations. The cover led me to expect large, full-sized, colorful illustrations. Most of the book is done in a comic strip, graphic style that wouldn't suit my needs to share with large groups. I enjoyed the average of one large, full-page illustration per story, and except for the fact I need to share with large groups I would buy this one for my collection.
review 2: This book is about an elephant who lives in the Palace stables in India. He is well lo
... moreoked after and the King's favourite animal. He meets a dog who is quite poor and scruffy and the two become really good friends. One day, the elephant's keeper sells the dog to a merchant for money. The elephant and the dog become separated. The elephant is really upset; he stops eating, playing and also stops washing. The King then becomes concerned about the elephant and the elephant's keeper tells him that he sold his best friend and that is why he is upset. The King sends out a proclamation and the dog returns. The book has a really good feeling to it and indirectly there is a moral to the story. "You can't put a price on friendship." This was my favourite speech bubble in the comic story.This comic strip book is vibrant, colourful, funny and really easy to read. It can be read to and children of any age and still be enjoyed. I used this story during World Book Week as a theme for Literacy. During literacy lessons, children were to create their own comic strip book story. I gave them the choice of changing something in the story, such as the characters, the problem, the solution or the ending. They spent two days looking at the layout of a comic story book; the sections, the illustrations and the speech and thought bubbles. Then the children spent two days writing their stories and editing them. After reading over their stories,in groups, they created a comic story book on a large piece of card paper. They used oil pastels for their illustrations and also their borders to decorate their stories. The children presented their work during assembly. They really enjoyed writing their stories and creating their own comic strips. This book can be used to engage and motivate children to read, write and want to learn. The children also really enjoyed the story because they got to think about their friends and what their friends have done for them which is nice. Also, the children learn that everybody is different and everybody should be treated the same way.Excellent Book! less
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Delightful! Bright, colourful illustrations and a comic-style layout--so much fun!
Delightful tales with bold illustrations, interesting multicultural connections.
One hundred trillion million gazillion stars.
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