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The Elephant's Friend And Other Tales From Ancient India (2012)

by Marcia Williams(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
0763659169 (ISBN13: 9780763659165)
review 1: This is a lovely book about friendship between a dog and an elephant. It is set in India and conveys the importance of friendship.I enjoyed this book as it was brightly coloured, had a good beginning, middle and end which was very well executed through a catching and interesting story line. It used concepts of friendship, sharing and caring for one another, which can allow children to relate to the story. However, it had some difficult words in the story, which some children may not understand, causing the audience to be restricted. This is a great story to read to a child individually and as a whole class and is suitable for perhaps a year 2 class.
review 2: I spent the first few pages of this puzzling out who the author was. The illustrations looked familiar-
... more-the comic book style, fidelity to the tales, and humorous bits in and around the panels. Then I remembered! This same author/illustrator did a book of the Robin Hood story cycle that I read many,many times to my son. The stories in this collection are fable-like--short and with an obvious moral. They are beautifully rendered here. A good lap book with much for the adult to share with the child. less
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I liked some of the stories, but not all. The illustrations were vibrant.
Pretty sequential illustrations. Read the first story, enjoyed it.
A beautiful and absolutely delightful collection.
Remind me to tell you about the crocodile's wife
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