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King's Fool: A Notorious King, His Six Wives, And The One Man Who Knew All Their Secrets (2009)

by Margaret Campbell Barnes(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
1402219024 (ISBN13: 9781402219023)
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review 1: This is a good book that covers a span of 20 years of King Henry VIII's court jester, Will Somers. It gives Will's point of view of what happens in Henry's life. It also tells Will's own story about love and life. It shows the close personal relationship that King Henry VIII had with his jester, which can be seen in real life, as there were several paintings done during the Tudor reign with Will included in the picture. If you like any stories concering the Tudor dynasty, then this would be a good book to read!
review 2: I struggled with this book in the beginning due to Barnes' writing style. After I adjusted to her writing style, I found the book rather enjoyable. It was different perspective about Henry VIII's life and reign as King of England. Will S
... moreomers, the court jester, has been portrayed in many novels about this time period, but you never truly knew that much about him (at least from some of the novels I have read). What you did know was only his jokes and antics from being the court jester. This novel is about his early life before joining court and up until the death of the King. The book is a good read, but I did find it difficult at times. I do wish it had been a little more detailed with the other marriages of the King. less
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If you liked The Other Boleyn Girl, here's another prospective of Henry 8th court.
No, the outsider's view of the court of Henry VIII didn't work here.
I loved this book. It drew me right in.
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