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La Damigella Sconosciuta (2014)

by Margaret Forster(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 4
8866325295 (ISBN13: 9788866325291)
review 1: Nicely written and well edited - a very strange and disturbing portrayal of the deeply flawed Julia. I guess a lot of people might have reflected on the dislocation between the resentful and mean child and the outwardly successful psychologist adult; whether this was credible or likely. Perhaps, not. Anyway, I think the messages in the novel are interesting for all of us. Are we all doomed to be the products of our childhoods or does self-determination ever have a satisfactory redemptive outcome? In frank terms the child Julia was a mean-spirited little bitch, but the older Julia, whilst motivated by her 'poor me, I had a miserable childhood' to help others, continued to hold a grudge. It certainly motivates me to seek out further Margaret Forster.
review 2: Th
... moreis is a compelling novel. Set partly in her past and partly in the present, Julia's story is about family relationships which do not go smoothly, mainly because of corrosive secrets. Julia's view of things as a child is very well described and so is her adult understanding of the troubled children she sees in her job. She is also a magistrate, judging others, although she sees herself as guilty for causing the death of her cousin's baby when she was eight years old. There is no happy ending - well there couldn't be - but there is some sort of resolution which is hopeful. The story made me think a lot about my own childhood and my parents' relationships with their families. I think Margaret Forster is one of the best contemporary women British novelists there is. less
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This book was gripping to read but left me feeling very disappointed at the end.
Not a bad read, slightly disappointing and overlong
disturbing and disturbingly well written
I enjoyed this from beginning to end.
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