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Cashay (2009)

by Margaret McMullan(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
0547076568 (ISBN13: 9780547076560)
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review 1: Cashay and her sister Sashay are two different people. Cashay is 14 and older than her sister by 1 year. She failed 7th grade just to be with her. They planed to go to the same High School. But now Sashays died. Without Sashay in her life her mom is back with her drugs, and Cashay is getting her bad side out. She now have a new born baby brother. Her aunt just moved out the projects. Right now Cashay is trying to get into a good place but her mom isn't helping at all. Her councilor sent Cashay to an after school program. Right there she met Allison. Cashay thinks Allison is different. She thinks shes confident. Allison helps Cashay on getting into a good high school and helping her with her anger problems by using a journal.
review 2: Cashay and sister Sashay a
... morere inseparable. Cashay even flunked 7th grade so she could be in the same grade as her sister when they get to high school. Then one day on the way home from school, Sashay is killed (shot) in a drug deal gone wrong. Cashay is left to mourn and deal with a mother who rapidly descends into drug abuse. She appears to be headed in the wrong direction herself until a counselor, a nun, and a mentor show her that she has too much potential to throw it all away.This is a story of the sorrow and despair that often comes with living in “the projects”, but it is ultimately the story of how trust in yourself and others can bring about redemption. It’s a short book that rings true to life. The scene where Sashay is killed is heartwrenching. Although the ending seems a little too happy and the message a little too clear, this is not a candy-coated story, Cashay’s turn-around is not without struggle. I liked it and I think teens will too. Some profanity, some violence (obviously), but not too strong for middle school. less
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Young adult fiction that I get to review!And, surprisingly, it was really freaking good.
A heartbreaking quick read that sadly, some students can relate to.
Some parts were weak. It ended neatly.
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