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Tomorrow Land (2012)

by Mari Mancusi(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
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review 1: Tomorrow Land is a story of a young girl who comes out of a shelter after four years to find her world severely changed. She finds the boy she left behind and a few children who have survived the apocalypse. The two of them must overcome the pain of the past and work together to take came of a group of children in a world where the dead still walk and feed. I enjoyed the book and recommend it for older teens and adults.
review 2: Lost credibility over half way through. Really!? U stayed alive trough the whole apocalypse, so naturally u walk into a total set up. Ok, if u are truly that stupid u would not still be breathing. Im sorry that is just truth. U be dead. Dumb and dead. I had to put it down at 60%. Maybe someday ill finish it. But I doubt it. I loved
... morethe idea and the beginning story telling. It just was an epic road trip fail after fail that made me give up on it. less
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my first read for an end of the world story..
Quite possibly the worst book ever written.
Love the stand alone!
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