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Slice & Dice (2014)

by Mariana Thorn(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 2
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
review 1: **Originally written for Book Bliss book blog. I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. *Review: 5General: This story was absolutely freaking hysterical. Skylar is a snarky detective with more attitude than she knows what to do with. The short story had me laughing from start to finish. The book is filled with quirky, distinct characters and a mystery running throughout. It's not too often that a mystery is laced with the comedy of this book and still a serious case to be solved and I loved that. There's something so lovable about Skylar that seeing her start her journey was like hanging out with an old high school friend.It's hard to write a review that wouldn't give away some of the best parts of the story because it's a short. So I'l... more leave you with an image - Skylar and her cousin Levi remind me of Shawn and Gus from Psyche.Characters: Skylar- Skylar is witty, snarky and loaded with attitude. She doesn't really follow any of the rules but her own and I think her personal goal in life is to give Levi heart attack after heart attack.Levi- Levi was actually my favorite character. He's a little bit of a side character but he was so entertaining to watch fall apart over his cousins actions. He was the want to be voice of reason that is never loud enough and always cleaning up the pieces.Aiden- Aiden is first of all one of my favorite names on a hero! Not that's he's a hero, but I love the name. He's the opposite of Skylar and Levi so much so it brought it's own round of comedy. He's straight laced, rule following and a no where near as hard headed as Skylar.
review 2: Oh my holy goodness! I loved this! The energy of this story was amazingly fun! Skylar is definitely my type of person. She's fun, energetic, full of sass and sarcasm. She loves food and saying what is on her mind. This girl puts the sass in sassy.The plot was intriguing, mysterious, yet fun and goofy. I love the way the author throws this girl with no attention span and who is a huge ball of energy into a crime story. I was captivated and swept off my feet with everything that happened in Slice and Dice. I am excited to know more about these characters! less
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This was a fun little book!! The MC is very funny. I would totally hang out with her!
I love Skylark. Can't wait for her and Levi's next adventure.
Love this series but they are so darn short!
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