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A Major Attraction (2014)

by Marie Harte(Favorite Author)
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Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
Good to Go
review 1: A Major Attraction is book one in the Good to Go series by Marie Harte. A very sexy romance between a career driven woman and a career Marine finding a perfect compromise between the two. This is a hot one it’s heavy on the sex but it balances perfectly. A Major Attraction is a wonderful contemporary romance.U.S. Marine Major Kyle Waters has just returned home after six months and is ready for some much deserved R&R. When he gets home and in bed he starts to dream about the girl he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about for the last year, Olivia Cava. The dream soon becomes reality when he realizes she is in his bed and he really is fondling her. After a short freak out Olivia, owner of Cava Java, explains she sublet from Kyle’s ex-girlfriend never piecing together ... morethat Rebecca’s boyfriend and landlord were the same person. Feeling bad Olivia offers to move out, but seeing the opportunity to get to know Olivia better, offers her to finish off her lease in the second bedroom.The roommates quickly become more with a highly sexual relationship and a comfortable routine. Kyle knows their is more between them then just roommates with benefits but knows if he pushes her to far he will mess up his chances. Olivia knows what she wants and a career Marine isn’t one of them. Growing up a military brat and seeing her mother go through all that she did she has vowed to put work first and even came up with a five year plan before letting herself settle down. But her quickly progressing relationship with Kyle threatens to derail her five year plan.Kyle’s fear of repeating mistakes almost ruins their happy little life when he sees Olivia with another man. He jumps the gun and makes an ass of himself, and can only hope Olivia forgives him. This was a great quick read, very steamy and drool worthy. Kudos to Marie Harte.
review 2: As I sit and try to contemplate this story I’m torn in two directions, one direction has me enjoying the story and the skill in which it was written and the other side is confused by some of the decisions that our hero Kyle, in particular, makes in this book. He is a true series of contradictions. Charming, polite and one heck of a perfect man and then there is the jealous side that seems more in keeping with a teenage girl/guy and their first love. His reaction to an event 2/3rds of the way through this book left me perplexed and this has lead to this wandering introduction to this review.Our heroine is a strong modern woman with a career she is passionate about and a drive to bigger and better things in her life but has focused on achieving her business goals before she gets involved with a true relationship. I applaud her sense of purpose and commitment to this goal in her life and her determination to make her life as she wants it. However as soon as she is given a brief opportunity to hook up with Kyle she does? Again I’m confused. The fact that Kyle has been away for the military for close to a year and he shows up and the first thing they do is get into bed together? I just don’t get it.This seems to be the over-arching theme for this book which is acting impulsively. And I appreciate that but I need a motivation or something more than “I’ve been dreaming about you” to justify their actions. Especially when in the first chapter, Kyle and Olivia have a make out session in Kyle’s bed before they both realize that they aren’t dreaming. I don’t know about you but there is no way I would have been able to stay in that house if this had happened to me. I would have packed up my gear and been out of there. The only thing left would have been the wind as I blew out of that house.But what you really want to know is what these two characters are like when they do get together. Kyle and Olivia are wonderful together when they get it right. The covert glances, the blushes and the lingering looks are enough to make even her best friend grin from ear to ear. This is in fact where this book shines the brightest. Their chemistry is off-the-charts and requires a cool glass of wine to calm the steam that these two give off.This is the first full length novel by Marie Harte that I have read. I’ve read her novella that can be found in Ever After and really enjoyed it. Which makes me wonder if this style of writing is the problem. The novella is set in the paranormal world and Ms. Harte makes great use of this world for her characters and their story. I look forward to reading the other books in this series and see if this was just a one off stumble.Final thoughts I think we have a good plan in place for this series and I hope that the builder will be able to build it into the architectural wonder it was meant to be. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read any of Ms. Harte’s work then pick this one up but don’t be surprised if you are perplexed when it comes to our characters motivations and actions but happy as a clam when Kyle and Olivia steam up the sheets.Fated Desire Publishing provided me with a copy of A Major Attraction but nothing else was exchanged for my honest review. less
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i liked it fast read. but woohoo very good a bit naughty.. recommend
Good story with interesting and likeable characters.
I liked it! Was very hot!! Just wish it was longer
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