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A Major Distraction (2014)

by Marie Harte(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 5
Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
Good to Go
review 1: Once again, Harte has given us a gorgeous dominating male with more than his fair share of charm and a woman who can handle her own in and out of the bedroom. Some might say this follows a formula but I say so what? That's what makes us love Harte's work and this book is no exception. I really found myself feeling for Brad Cava and all that he's been through in his past that makes him leery of love. The fact that he's met his match in Genevieve made for a fun and interesting read. Yes, it was a fast read. Harte's writing style is short but sweet. There's no beating around the bush or dwelling on too many details yet readers are given more than enough not to feel like they've been cheated. I also like the fact that Harte, a former Marine, clearly knows her stuff when it com... morees to writing about life in the military. Too many times, novice writers jump into writing about subjects they don't know well and it compromises the story. Not the case with Harte. She writes a great story that's easy to believe.
review 2: This contemporary romance novella is a riveting read that makes the reader feel good. Having been burned once, Major Brad Cava has no intention in following siblings in marital bliss, but the smart-aleck, red-haired woman at work is proving to be a Major Distraction and may just be his undoing.This fast paced and smoothing flowing plot entertains readers with lots of snarky dialogue, red hot passion and romance. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes and details that invite the reader to join the couple in their firecracker courtship and the strong compelling characters are easily related to and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.The chemistry between Brad and Genevieve burns up the pages and the sex scenes including anal sex scenes and voyeurism explodes with red hot and scorching passion. The relationship though is on rocky footing, for several reasons. The fact that they work together causes a few hesitations, but Brad’s trust issues just may be what destroys there chance at happiness if a jealous co-worker has her way.While the story is short, it is full of romance and passion and gives readers that heartwarming feeling when the woman gets her man, so in my opinion this is a great quick read. 4 ½ STARS less
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Best of this series. Best sex scenes. Best story.
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