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The Rose Society (2000)

by Marie Lu(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 15
The Young Elites
review 1: Reading this woman's books are like voluntarily stabbing yourself repeatedly, and enjoying it.In other words, I am certain of three things:1) I WILL be getting this book the second it hits the shelves2) It WILL crush me emotionally3) As soon as I'm done, I WILL be repeating 1 and 2 in regard of book three.My guess for how it's gonna be in books two: when we start, Adelina has already founded the Rose Society, and is using her influence to try to find the Elite who Raphael said can raise the dead. When she finds out she's looking for Maeve, and who Maeve is, she tries to convince her to help. By any means necessary.
review 2: Okay..... i just cannot wait for this book! this is one of my favorite YA books. I personally think its better than the Legend series (but
... more its just my opinion). I seriously cannot wait for the next book!!!! and whoever gave this book a freaking low rate should go die in a hole. I mean, really? if they didn't even read it and they're just judging it from the book before, then they are some stupid ppl!!!!! Anyways, I love the young elites becuz Adelina is just amazing. she isn't like one of those annoying ya novel main character girls who just rant on and on about how weak they are and how they can't do anything or all they care is about those hot looking sexy guys and it drives me crazy. on the other hand, adelina is brave and courageous. yeah, she's "evil" and "dark".(which i actually love about her). but i actually think that adelina is just hurt and scarred from her father's treatment. who knows what she could have been like if her father treated her like he treated violetta. seriously! look at violetta. she acts like a really nice girl. but then, if adelina wasn't treated like that, she could have ended up being kind of annoying like violetta..... well i just really love this book and i have to say, this is extremely different from other ya novels that i have read. LOVE IT AND CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! less
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i want to readddddddddd this so badoly :(((((((((((((((
ughhh so long!! I want it now!!!! Enzo come back!
I'm on Raffaele, not Adelina's side... :P
October 6th!!!
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