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Bookclub-In-A-Box Discusses Yann Martel's Novel, Life Of Pi: The Complete Guide For Readers And Leaders (2011)

by Marilyn Herbert(Favorite Author)
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Bookclub in a Box
review 1: The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. so a book made for small adventerus minds turned out to be a dissapointmentso i read another book for science and i was not impressed at all, the book was about a kid who literally lived in a zoo in like india. he grew up with the zoo animals and gained alot of skills from the animals. but he also discovered alot about religion for 124 pages! so after all the religion stuff dissapeared it started turning into an okay book until the adventerous boat scene with the hyena and the gazel, oh and orange juice (the orangutang), had ended.now to be honest i did read the book but not all of it, the book had bored me so much that i fell asleep reading it and found my bookmark in 15 or so pages in farther then i remember, but so little happened that it... more didn't effect and difference from what i remember, and what it was when i picked the book up again.so in this great confesion because i do think you will read it thompson, i just want to say "i read the book, but i didn't understand it at all". so if you ask me what happened all i really got out of it was he lived in a zoo they went over seas, the boat crashed he survived on a lifeboat with a few animals, sooner or later they dissapeared and thel lion came out and pi and it lived happy ish and peacefully.
review 2: This book is one of those that remain in memory for a long time. It is a novel tale, filled with striking imagery, mysterious adventure, and unforgettable reality of coexistence between an Indian teenager and Bengal tiger, aboard a life boat drifting for nine months in the open of the Pacific. It explores a developing relationship between an animal and the person that is neither friendship, nor attachment, but a bond on many varying levels that ends just as abruptly as it began. With the use of philosophical allegory, Yann Martel explores the dualities between good and evil, physical and metaphysical, conscious and subconscious, reality and imagination, instinct and will. The most refreshing part of the novel is its ending, which presents the reader with a choice in the form of a “second story” as an alternative explanation for the misadventures that befell the main character. The reader is then left with an option of deciding which story to believe, or whether to believe at all. less
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A painful read. I slogged through it, but really do not understand what all the hype was about
Very good but not an easy read...loved it!
Wonderful! Soon to be a motion picture!!!!
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