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The Little Shadows (2011)

by Marina Endicott(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 2
0385668910 (ISBN13: 9780385668910)
Doubleday Canada
review 1: No... just no. Too long, characters have no depth, every vaudeville act the author could get her hands on was painstakingly repeated word for word (emphasis on pain). I read it to the end, I wanted something good to happen - it never did (I mean with the writing not the plot). Basically for me this was a waste of time. For book of 500+ pages it fell totally flat which is sad because it could have been so good.
review 2: A splendidly researched story about vaudeville and the malleable notion of family. The characterization was very strong, and made me feel like I was part of the sisters' touring company. I enjoyed the plot development and found the ending satisfying, if a little anticlimatic. The book lopes and drags in parts, but the full realization of the ch
... morearacters in the story really offsets any issues with overlength. less
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Strong characters and interesting story line. Love the peek into early 1900's vaudeville life!
Meh. Took me a LOOONG time to read this story. Just not very compelling, in my mind.
Can't seem to get into this book.... did anyone out there enjoy it?
Loved this book
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