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Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone In Marketing Should Know (2010)

by Mark Jeffery(Favorite Author)
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0470504544 (ISBN13: 9780470504543)
John Wiley & Sons
review 1: More than a review, it is my cheat sheet for the book. Jeffery has divided the marketing activities into 5 buckets - Demand Generation Branding & Awareness Customer Relationships Shaping Markets InfrastructureThe metrics would really depend on what kind of marketing are we undertaking e.g. financial metrics more suitable for demand generation marketing. 20% gives 80% impact? Build business case for marketing activities (of course, where you can , for branding, the ROI approach doesn't work) Design campaigns for measurement. A balanced scorecard for marketing and the 3 kinds of metric:  Strategic (leading/forward): brand awareness, CLTV, test drive Tactical (backward/lagging): sales, lead conversion Operational (internal): take rate, ad doll... morears spent, cost to serve
review 2: My background is not in marketing, it's in information technology, so I readily connected with Jeffery's message, which is that organizations can perform better by measuring their marketing efforts. Although this should be intuitively obvious, Jeffery demonstrates convincingly why organizations fail in the area of measuring ROMI. Having nearly twenty years of experience in IT, I can attest that this phenomenon isn't isolated to marketing organizations.I rated the book four stars only because Jeffery doesn't touch too much on how small businesses can use this information. A small business owner lacking the tech skills to implement the metrics in Data Driven Marketing will either have to hire someone or outsource the effort; but at least Jeffery has provided a foundation on which smaller businesses can gain competitive advantage. less
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It's reads like a text book do harder to read on your own vs. classroom or group learning.
Very good book with good insights.
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