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Zombie Dash (2012)

by Mark Matthews(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: So what do you do when you wake up at 7 am on a day off, from a zombie nightmare, and don't want to disturb the others in the room by turning on the light? Well, I turned on my phone, found my kindle app and picked a short story. Not that it was particularly effective against nightmares, I dreamt of zombies after I had finished and drifted off again.This is a really short story about a 10 km race through hordes of people dressed up as zombies. They remove flags from the runner's belts, which means that time is added when they come to the finish line. It's incredibly obvious what will happen. It's fairly entertaining, but the main character is dumber than a rock - who would ever wish for a zombie apocalypse as shown in movies and on TV? Be careful what you wish for anyway.D... moreespite the fact that I had woken up from a zombie nightmare - or because of that fact, my own imagniation is a terrifying beast - this was a yawner. But it was otherwise quick and painless. I've almost forgotten I've read it already.
review 2: The Zombie Dash 10k race is a chance for runners to run through zombie infested woods where volunteers dressed as zombies try to grab flags off their back. Losing a flag costs time to be added at the finish. At first it is all fun with giggling zombies and mock screams of horror until the big clown zombie targets Becca with real menace and drags her away...I have always wanted to get involved in these zombie races as it looks like a really good laugh-I'd have to be a shambling zombie though as I can't run for a bus, never mind 10k! So this story idea appealed to me when I saw it. You can imagine the atmosphere...runners pretending to scream and yell with fear, volunteers yelling 'braiiiinnnsss!' and trying to grab them without cracking up laughing and everyone having a great time. Nobody is going to notice real screams when one zombie is trying to attack a girl for real and everyone ignores her friend yelling for help and chasing them into the dark woods...I liked this story. It had the fun of the race and then the tension and the menace of the zombie clown. I mean, clowns are bad enough but zombie clowns really are a twisted invention! I liked the plot twists that kept on coming, starting with the identity of the attacker and his reasons for doing it. You do have hints about this in the early part of the book so if you're paying attention you'll be expecting this but it is still fun waiting for the reveal. I really enjoyed what came next...call it the twist after the reveal! It would spoil the story if I tell you but it was a good ending.I could see a follow up story, beginning where this left off and if it comes I would certainly read it. It is a light zombie read that is entertaining and nicely written. less
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Way too short and it ended where it should/could have began. Written well with attention to detail.
Quick easy read, entertaining short story that may make you reconsider ever doing a zombie run! ;-)
An Amazing read. :)For a short story, this is pretty much everything.
Nice short story.
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