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Time Management For Creative People (2007)

by Mark McGuinness(Favorite Author)
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Wishful Thinking
review 1: This anxiety provoking little e-book takes very little time to read but provides some fairly easy to implement strategies to begin to manage time effectively. Although written for people in creative fields, those of us who are creative, but in non creative jobs can benefit as well. I felt like Mark McGuinness peeked in my windows and wrote about me. Hopefully I will begin to implement my own versions of what I read here. I liked that it was short and left room for me to decide what might be helpful to me.
review 2: Short sweet and to the point. I consider myself well organized and as a mother of 5, running my own farm and active volunteer for my commuity I have to be. That said I often need a refreasher and this little book hit the mark. Most of the main points
... more were ones that I had heard of before and read full length books on. For instance Coveys, habits series. I did like the refreasher course and appreciated the additional resources from the chapters. I would recomend this to anyone that is feeling bogged down and needs a little reminder of how to get their life back together. For those who are new to the organization of your life I would really recomend this as a teaser and hope that you would follow up with the references given. less
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Well, it is good. I will try the systems and see what happens.
إدارة الوقت للمبدعين:)
just started
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