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Remember (2000)

by Eileen Cook(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 6
1481416960 (ISBN13: 9781481416962)
review 1: Harper's father owns a company that manufactures a drug and treatment that can take away painful memories (or at least make them less painful). After Harper's horse dies, she feels out of sorts for several weeks and decides to pursue the drug and treatment. But for some reason her father is against the procedure. Against his wishes Harper enlists the aid of her friends and has the procedure done anyway. After this Harper begins to have some strange side effects. At the same time she begins meeting some people who are crusading against her father's company because they say the drug and treatment has serious side effects that are not being told to the public. As Harper's side effects increase and strange memories return/visions occur, Harper begins to wonder if the crusaders... more are on to something.
review 2: This is a clean teen read about a girl trying to unravel the mysteries of her past. Remember adds a slightly sci-fi element with Harper’s father having developed a medical procedure that erases sad memories. I liked Remember and I thought Harper was a strong protagonist that I could root for.Remember took a while to take off for me. The beginning was slow and I found myself a little bored with Harper and her drama with her boyfriend and best friend. Once Harper undergoes the memory erasing procedure, the book picked up as she starts to have flashes from a life she doesn’t remember.There was a love triangle, but I didn’t hate it in Remember. I liked the introduction of Neil and I thought the relationship between him and Harper was sweet. The two had great chemistry even though they met while he was protesting her dad’s company and the Memtex procedure.I was surprised by the outcome, so I thought the author wrote a wonderful conclusion. I don’t think Remember will be a novel that stays with me, but I do think younger teens looking for a clean and solid mystery will enjoy the book.Rating: 3/5 StarsThanks to the publisher for a copy of the novel for review! less
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20% Nope. I'm out. Should've listened to my instincts.
This sounds good! I'm intrigued.
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