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Are You "Normal"?: More Than 100 Questions That Will Test Your Weirdness (2011)

by Mark Shulman(Favorite Author)
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142630837X (ISBN13: 9781426308376)
National Geographic Children's Books
review 1: What exactly is normal? For some kids, they don’t want to be normal but they want to know what is considered normal so they can do the opposite. Then again, some kids want to know if they fit in. Welcome to the book of “Are You Normal?” Exploring topics ranging from home, school, family, sports, body, tech, friends, me, fun and food. Each topic has around ten questions with one question per page. On each page, it states the answers that the kids have chosen with bright pictures and sometimes with some fun facts. With 173 pages, you will sure to find somewhere you fit in. For example:“How many texts to you send a day?What’s your favorite sleepover snack?Ever fake sick to miss school?”
review 2: I was amazing this book it for kids or family, be
... morecause there are few category much are: Sports, Family, School & ect... and kids are vote with online research last 2010-2011 and they have publish this book for spaciel kids, So I like it this book because those are real kids. I was turning the book and i saw "who many have brother or sister ?" and I saw poll answere but only " less 5% who not have brother or sister, only child!" So I my also only child!So it was cool book I my amamzing real kids who vote, However more research inside internet but I check and it was vary waird they not have poll vote. MMM! I my not sure who kids want to poll vote. less
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I loved these kind of books when I was a youngster...taking quizzes and discovering yourself.
I think Tosh would love this
I love this book.
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