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Earthquake Shock (2014)

by Marlane Kennedy(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
0606358277 (ISBN13: 9780606358279)
Turtleback Books
Disaster Strikes
review 1: Ten year old Joey Flores did not expect this day to be much different than any other day. He would do a few tricks on his skateboard, show off a bit to his friends, and hope that his mom didn't embarrass him again by suggesting to everyone that he needs a baby-sitter, of all things!Little did Joey know that a massive earthquake would soon rock his world, and separate him from his friends and family with little warning at all. Can Joey find his best friends and his parents among the chaos and destruction? Of course, you'll have to read this one to find the answer!Fast paced and fun, EARTHQUAKE SHOCK is first in a new series for young readers, geared most likely for those just beginning to read chapter books. There are several illustrations to add to the story, and the chapt... moreers are relatively short, which should keep younger minds engaged.I did receive this book in an advanced reader's e-galley for purposes of providing a review.
review 2: Rating: 4 out of 5 starsGenre: FictionAge recommended: 8 and upThis is a story about the fortitude a 10 year old boy shows in the face of adversity and how he comes to appreciate his family and friends more through it all. It should be a quick and exciting read for younger kids.This book was an Advanced Reading Copy, courtesy of NetGalley. I just got approved for an ARC of the next book (Tornado Alley) in this series also and can't wait to read and review it!DisasterStrikes1EarthquakeShock-------------—----—-—Joey, Fiona, and Kevin are good friends. Joey and Fiona love to skateboard while Kevin loves to make mini movies showcasing their tricks. Kevin wants to be a movie producer when he grows up.One day, Joey and Fiona are at the skate rink when Joey's mom says something that embarrasses him in front of other kids. She wants him to come home immediately because she has run out of diapers for his little sister. Dylan, a kid who lives next to Joey and teases him all the time, tells Joey's mother that he'll walk Joey home in a short while.Joey knows that something is up but he's just happy that he gets to skate a while longer. The four of them head home a short while later and are up to their usual antics. They are performing and recording skateboarding tricks under an overpass, when a massive earthquake hits. Roads collapse, the overpass crumbles, cars are a jumbled mess and people start panicking.Joey and Fiona escape from underneath the overpass but they cant find Kevin and Dylan. They look everywhere but then realize that the Kevin and Dylan could be under the rubble.Will Joey and Fiona be able to find their friends? Will their families be okay? What if there are aftershocks?-- less
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Perfect new series for 2nd-4th graders!
It was good.
(3.5 stars)
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