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Dead Is Not An Option (2011)

by Marlene Perez(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 3
Dead Is
review 1: Daisy and Rose's boyfriend are werewolves while their sister Poppy's boyfriend is a vampire. The vamps and the werewolves aren't getting along which is causing a problem in Nightshade. Daisy suspects someone else to be the reason for the casualties but she has to find more proof. I like this book because there is a lot of suspense and there is always a problem to be solved and I love a mystery. Although I don't like how long it takes to get to the solution and the last chapter is where the author decides to some up the entire book. I wish that the solution would be solved in a couple chapters and not all crammed into one. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in paranormal: werewolves, vampires, witches, sorceress, etc., because the entire series is abou... moret paranormal. I would definitely advise that you start from the first book and read on because if you start in the middle of the series than a lot of the events wont make any sense to you.
review 2: Daisy and her family are caught in the middle of a were/vampire feud when attacks start happening to both sides of the battle. Daisy's boyfriend is a were and one sister is dating a were and the other is dating a vampire. What a mess. Daisy is certain that the attacks are actually being done by members of the Scourge, a group determined to destroy all supernaturals. She and her family and friends must find the true culprits before all out war is declared.This series is just great. They are short fast reads that have adventure and pack a lot of truth about family, friendship and loyalty. Teens and tweens will enjoy these books. less
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Great storyline. I personally thought the end was a little bit rushed and sudden.
Another cute installment in this series!
Best one out of the whole series!
Nice continuation of this series.
Super fun to read
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