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Third Time's A Charm (2000)

by Marquita Valentine(Favorite Author)
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Holland Springs
review 1: The chemistry Sasha and Rose have is so sexy: "Why are you wearing jeans?" He didn't strike her as a jeans kind of man. His heated gaze traveled to her face. "Couldn't answer the door in the buff, could I?" He's a little smarta** but he's a damn fine smarta**, "a wicked grin appeared. "Actually, I don't care what clothes you wear, love. I'd much rather have you out of them." Rose's cat I just loved that little furball, it had it's own personality and everything, "whatch it," Sasha growled. Rose opened her eyes in time to see her kitty knead claws into Sasha's chest. Sasha tried to shove the cat off of him. "I'm not a bloody scratching post." I really enjoyed this book, it was cute, funny and a joy to read.
review 2: There is a legend in Hol
... moreland Springs, her family name...Almost everyone in town thinks that Rose and her sisters are witches but ...Rose's shop where she creates lotions, creams, and other herbal items that magically work... She also sends town folks to the magical springs that only true love couples can find. If they weren't meant to be then they won't be able to locate the springs. Sasha "Alexander" has come back to woo and take away Rose's land. His uncle is behind the scheme but at what costs...The book starts out with a bang of sorts when Rose finds Sasha badly beaten in the middle of field. Then leading him leaving shortly afterwards, only to return a few months later. Secrets, truths and so much more are packed in this great read. less
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I like the first 2 books. This one I found boring
pretty good book. good sex scenes
Amazon Freebie 8/2/13
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