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Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love (2008)

by Marty Cagan(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 5
0981690408 (ISBN13: 9780981690407)
SVPG Press
review 1: This is a solid primer on product management. The first half was really helpful; there's some good stuff about managing stakeholders and defining products. The reason it's only 3 stars for me is simply that it's dated. It was written in 2008. The field of UX has moved on considerably; Agile is more widely practiced; the way people use products, especially consumer internet products, has changed. There were entire chapters that were no longer relevant. That's not the author's fault, it's just what happens to books about the internet.
review 2: Inspired is pretty high level and tends to focus more on the organizational challenges related to product development. I feel that there are some better resources out there (especially online blogs) if you as a product man
... moreager are looking for strong guidance at a more tactical level. Although, the SVPG website has some useful resources. I kept putting off reading this book, and after having experienced the growing pains as a PM and other major organizational transitions, most of the insights the book had to offer I had already learned the hard way. So if you think you’re like me, I wouldn’t beat yourself up for not having read it. However, the book was still a pleasant read and is filled with healthy reminders on the critical role of a product manager and proper perspectives on developing winning products. less
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There is a reason everyone references this book. Sorry it took me so long to read it.
Great book which covers software product management on a high level perspective.
Lots of good information in here, especially working through the Agile sections.
Solid baseline reading material for technology product managers.
Best book about product management I've found yet.
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