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Never Ending (2000)

by Martyn Bedford(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Nice read. Enjoyed the insights on bereavement and the interesting type of therapy. It's about learning to live with the consequences of our actions and decisions. There is no hiding in delusions and confabulations, but accepting that what's happened is happened. No amount of grief can change that. However we can choose what to do with our life after the trauma, and keep what we have experienced inside to make us wiser and more conscious of the fragility of our lives and of the people around us. Surviving a trauma is a second chance that not everyone can flaunt, but it should be celebrated as an opportunity to turn our lives around.
review 2: 3.5 stars. Quite different from his sci-fi bodyswapping book, Flip, this story is SAD. Alternating in before/after chapt
... moreers about a girl who is going to a mental health group home after her brother's death that she feels responsible for--the before lead up to what happens and the after is her dealing with the aftermath and meeting friends. There are some middle schoolers who come asking me for sad books--I would give them this one. less
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Absolutely amazing. A bit book hungover still... Will update later.
ok, no more sad ya books for me. *snifffffff*
Well done examination of grief
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars
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