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Flip (2011)

by Martyn Bedford(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 4
0385739907 (ISBN13: 9780385739900)
Wendy Lamb
review 1: I couldn't put down this book. Alex's conflict as an evacuee got into me and as I kept reading I became more and more involved in his preoccupation. I think "Flip" is fine to read for fun. But I feel like I've encountered this scenario enough times to be completely unsurprised with the outcome of the story. It's cliché. Nevertheless, it is *fine* to read as a past-time. No harm and mildly thought-provoking when it comes to soul, life after death, and the definition of death or murder (between mind an body).
review 2: Personally, I disagree with what most people say when they review this.I have had 6 people come to me and be like; "Oh, you're reading Flip! Ah! I read that book! I didn't like it, waaaay to much description! Nothing actually happened!"...and I'm
... morelike; Hold up!Just take a minute. A minute to imagine what you would feel like if you woke in someone else's body. Tough. You know no one. Tough. Where the hell are you? God knows. Nothing's happening because you are too fecking PETRIFIED! Seriously!Ugh. Immature people these days.I still think it was a good book, because I could clearly see everything Alex was going through. My criticism is that, if I were in Alex's position, (and I know it might be because I'm a girl... sexist and all that...) I would have been 10 times more frantic than him!So don't criticize the book, Martyn did his best. Thanks for reading this and please don't put hate on any comments! ^_^ less
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I would feel the same way if this happen to me I think ever one should read it
The excessive use of italics and parenthesis drives me crazy sometimes.
This book is very good it gets readers attention
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