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Superbug: The Fatal Menace Of MRSA (2010)

by Maryn McKenna(Favorite Author)
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141655727X (ISBN13: 9781416557272)
Free Press
review 1: Excellent reporting on an important medical topic. McKenna's book gives a fascinating description of the increasing resistance of Staph variants to the main tools that medicine has for fighting infections. She wove a number of stories through the book in a way that kept me interested. I do believe that I got itchy a number of times while reading parts of it. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in medical science.
review 2: Great book which details the rising epidemic of MRSA infection within the US (and globally) through the personal experiences of doctors/researchers and patient accounts. Not heavily science-oriented, but gives you enough background to understand the importance and difference between the different MRSA strains and the areas in whic
... moreh anti-bacterial resistance emerges, as well as suggestions for how to counter the rising spread of MRSA and the diminishing number of methods to treat it. less
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Frightening and compelling investigation into the evolution,rise,and spread of drug resistant staph.
Well-reported book. Informative and downright scary.
Meticulously researched and well-written.
Love books about diseases, so much.
Scary scary book
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