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The End Of Infinity (2012)

by Matt Myklusch(Favorite Author)
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1416995676 (ISBN13: 9781416995678)
Jack Blank Adventure
review 1: The first book in the trilogy (The Accidental Hero) was a pretty good book, but then there were some point I didn't like about. I didn't' t expect much for the second book (The Secret War) but it was VASTLY improved from the first one. The ending left me going HOLY FUDGE!!! And then came along the last book, The End of Infinity, which had a MIND BLOWING ending. I absolutely loved the really complicated plot of the story and the characters (especially the hero, Jack, who can be quite frustrating sometimes). The Jack Blank Adventures is probably one of my all time favorite trilogy.
review 2: I've really enjoyed this trilogy. While some of the names of places and characters are a bit cheesy, the plot is very well done in all 3 books. It's nice to see a trilogy en
... mored on such a strong note. A lot of times I'm disappointed by the third book in a trilogy. The main character is nicely developed as having some qualities remain static and some be dynamic as the mysteries surrounding his infection and his past unfold throughout the series. The author always does a nice job of offering up some twists at the end of each book - some that you see coming and some that you don't. Definitely an entertaining read. I think I may read this series to my future kids. If you can hop on board with a hidden, floating island full of superheroes and another supervillian/alien species trying to attack them and suspend belief for a while, then it's really a fun, enjoyable read that also has some dramatic moments and high action at times. less
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I liked it and was well written just sad that there was very little mentioned of the torture.:(
My favorite so far. What a great ending!!
You'll find my review soon
Best superhero book #3
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