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Klejnot Wschodu. Pamiętnik (2008)

by Maureen Lindley(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 3
8376480529 (ISBN13: 9788376480527)
Prószyński i S-ka
review 1: As riveting and unique as Yoshiko Kawashima's life is, the book failed to portray a believable character. Too much is focused on Kawashima's sex life and other men's sexual exploits and abuse of her, and too little is focused on her life as a spy and a public propaganda figure - one that she is famous for. The novel fails to connect passionately and believably her story arc with the historic background of her time, even though she is an active player in the Asian front of WWII. However, the novel successfully emphasizes that she is an outstanding character for her self-determination and refusal to be a victim.
review 2: The book certainly presents the prevailing culture of 1920's through to just after the defeat of Japan in the Second World War. Japan's superio
... morer culture compared to China and a lesser Mongolia, through the lens of its treatment of women. It seems generally women had the raw deal in all of these cultures as mere sex objects just above slaves. The story becomes even more interesting with the Eastern Star infiltrates into Chinese Royal family. less
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Mehhhh. Should have done better.
Absolutely fascinating book.
Juicy and sad.
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