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Any Way You Want It (2012)

by Maureen Smith(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 2
0373534612 (ISBN13: 9780373534616)
The Brand Clan Series
review 1: Awesome story! Protector, hero, friend, lover- Remy and Zandra have been friends since they were teenagers. Remy's family was Zandra's escape from her abusive father. They absolutely adore her and she is included in all of the family gatherings. Zandra doesn't want to jeopardize her and Remy's friendship but her love for him is causing Zandra to break all of her rules. But will Remy risk it all as he rescues Zandra from her dangerous father one final time? Nicely Done.
review 2: HOLY SMOKES!!!! I thought the first Brand Clan series book was hot but this one blows it out of the WATER. Maureen out does herself with this book and I am not ashamed to say that there are some VERY thought provoking senes in this book. Great story overall and I am looking forward to t
... morehe next book in this series. I dont write any more about this book because I could go on and on in detail and wouldnt want to ruin it for anyone. So I hope anyone that reads it, enjoys it as much as I did. less
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I loved this book, plenty of hot love scenes and a happy ending, what else does a girl need!!!
Zandra and Remy cannot get any hotter. Damn you Maureen you did it again!
loved these two together.
Another good book.
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