The Forgotten Girls – Sara Blaedel

Here I go again reading a novel without knowing its a series. So somehow even though i read The Forgotten girls by Owen Laukkanen instead of this i failed to check again if this novel is part of a series. However it was an easy read and very smooth and not so complicatedly detailed like Owen Laukkanen’s novel The forgotten Girls I actually might read the whole series in the future.

This novel is also famously known as Louise Rick series. This novel is 4th in the series and it is by a Sara Blædel who is also known as Denmark’s “Queen of Crime”. 

Louise wanting to join a new task force leaving the homicide department she is brought back to her home town. Where a women is found who has a scarred face. The scar is so distinct that they have no time in identifying who she is however things get complicated when they find out that she was a mental patient about 30 years ago and was declared dead along with her twin sister the same day with just a minute difference. Although previously identified her as Lisemette they come to know she is Lise and her inseparable twin sister is Mette who they hope is still alive. She has a new partner called Eik. Who at first seems lazy and incapable or that’s what Louise’s first impression is. She also comes across her recent ex boyfriend who is leading another case that might be a connection to her case. It seems they both are at ease and have no hard feelings about their breakup.

The story unfolds and it is like watching or you binge on your favorite crime show that gets solved and you are satisfied. the story slowly starts to unfold from 1970 to present day what happened that led to the girls being declared as dead or what is the story behind it. It is a beautiful read. Along with this there is Camilla Lind Louise best friend and who was a journalist and is busy preparing for her wedding and just having a fit with her fiance her journalist string kicks in and she starts her own investigation and finds new clues or stories. Along with this her past comes to haunt her. Her ex dead boy friend’s friends and the whole gang comes to the view.

I really want to know why did her ex boyfriend commit suicide by hanging himself? While reading towards the end one of his friends tell her he did not even have the guts to tie a rope around his neck. I want this mystery solved!!! Why someone who just moved in with her and were planning a future together commit suicide when they have not even opened all the boxes in their new house/home?

If you love crime fiction with a back story you should definitely go for this. You can actually read this as stand alone novel too.

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