Cold air circulates around the UK as Storm Drunk hits

Category 3 Shitstorm No Saltcon Amendment Edit: Note, this article is primarily designed around the meta fighting going on about the ethics of interviewing/publishing stuff when a member is IRL Drunk, not the interview content.

Wew. This is a doozy that is doing the rounds in the MHOC Discord. /u/Trev (honestly what the fuck is his most current username) has left MHOC after giving an interview to the ModelMonolith(not as pretty as us) while absolutely cream-crackered (drunk, for our foreigners).

Now this in itself isn’t an issue, the issue has arisen through a debate over taking advantage of someone who does not have full control of his faculties (humanities look out).

As far as we can work out, here is our timeline of this impending storm;

  • Trev gets jolly rogered
  • InfernoPlato invites Trev to an interview (Trev is the new LoTO) apparently knowing he’s utterly trousered (correction: IP was unaware he was muntered until after the interview)
  • Trev completes the interview but says some stuff that isn’t fantastic
  • InfernoPlato releases the juicy bits of interview which showcase Trev as saying things he wouldn’t say if he wasnt off his trolley
  • Trev is upset by the manipulation and by the unethical slant of InfernoPlatos journalism
  • Trev attempts to leave the MHOC server but as he’s still absolutely zombied he misses the door
  • Trev leaves MHOC

  • Running skirmishes in MHOC main about vulnerabilities, ethics and other boring shite.

I’ve attached a gallery below of some of the running skirmishes, to better illustrate the sides on this. Even our American readers had opinions.

Speaking to InfernoPlato, I’ve summarized his thoughts and view on this.

He said that it began with his writing an article on the upcoming NI Election which had a shocking quote of disclosedoak saying that Trev supported a United Ireland. InfernoPlato seeing that Trev was online, dropped him a message asking if he would answer a few question re it.

So InfernoPlato asked him some questions such as his response to the united NI claim and crucially “how can you be an MLA, PM and foreign sec at the same time”.

The interview ended, they had some post-interview banter where InfrenoPlato told a truly wellied Trev that he’d fucked it and was gonna get wrecked because of silly shit he said.

InfernoPlato then picked two quotes to use, seeing them as quotes which would remain true drunk or not. He left the rest of the interview in the archives he stores under his porn folder in the basement.

InfernoPlato has kindly issued an offer to Trev, to hit him back.

I’ve attempted to get in touch with Trev to get his view and how he feels but unfortunately I cannot locate his discord account or Reddit account.

Resident narc Saldol got involved too

But that’s it. This Shitstorm is slowly downgrading, especially as the mods haven’t really entered the debate at all, hopefully we will get Trevs side when possible but until then this is so far just a big discord spat.

It is important to note, that despite the jovial nature of this weather update, we at Saltcon sympathize with Trevs situation, it is unpleasant to feel taken advantage of when you do not have your wits about you and we believe it is unfair to interview someone when they are smashed harder than the hulks girlfriend. If you feel like you are vulnerable or are being taken advantage of unfairly, please speak to your local Moderating Team.

We have breathalyzed all those who we have spoken to for this article.

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