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The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement (2013)

by Maya Rodale(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
0062230816 (ISBN13: 9780062230812)
Avon Impulse
review 1: Reading all three installments of the Bad Boy Billionaire series made me realize I have a new pet peeve: authors going all meta and inserting themselves into their novels. Stop trying to be cutesy with the fourth wall. It is rarely done cleverly enough to justify how jarring (and frankly, insulting) it is to the reader. I read to immerse myself in a different world; I don't need the author winking at me from the sidelines. Spoiler alert: the heroine Jane becomes a romance novelist named, wait for it, Maya Rodale. I should have stopped reading right there, but the meta moments just kept piling on. Spoiler and marketing alert: Jane, as romance author Maya Rodale, writes historical romances about wallflowers, as in Maya Rodale's Wallflower series. Posting the same revi... moreew for all three installments because, despite my annoyance with the heroine-as-author-wink-wink, curiosity killed the cat and made me read them together in the hopes that the romantic payoff would be enough to overcome. Nope.
review 2: As much as I loved the historical version of this book, the contemporary version of the story just made me feel old. I'm a software developer in real life, but I felt bombarded with too many 20-something social media references and imaginary hacking sequences. Felt unnatural to me.Sorry, but I think I will stick with the historicals in this series.It was an interesting concept, though... the same story in contemporary times. Ah well. less
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Un freebie d'Amazon. Rapide, fun et terriblement sexy. Un bon moment de lecture.
cute premise ---- interested enough to keep going!
This is an okay story
3.5 Stars
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