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Belzhar (2014)

by Meg Wolitzer(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 8
0525423052 (ISBN13: 9780525423058)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: Honestly, I hated the writing. The prose wasn't great, the characters never really popped, and I couldn't believe how obvious everything was, plainly laid out, perfectly set up (a little too perfectly, so on-the-nose that to describe it as such is too on-the-nose). I am not the most observant reader, either. Too fast. Everything flies right past me, or rather I fly right past it. Like, what gives? Is half of being a best-selling author just showing up? But let's be real, here: I finished this book and I could hardly put it down. It brought me to tears more than once and it was more cathartic than anything I have read since my own trauma (but I have been languishing in the dark). Maybe there is a place for books that don't have to be read too carefully. Maybe I should seek ... morethem out.
review 2: Interesting premise, but I was disappointed that Plath's poetry wasn't discussed in more detail to show how it might have changed the characters' lives. It's nice that the journal writing was able to do that, but I thought this would be more about the impact of Plath's works. The characterization was poor - I couldn't have cared less about what happened to any of the characters. I thought Jam's "issue" was stupid and not as dramatic as it could have been, and I kept waiting for something more to be revealed, which never happened. The ending of the book was a huge disappointment, and I was just skimming as the book came to a close so I could be rid of it and move on to something better. less
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This was an okay book, but Jam's big reveal is so ridiculous that for me it ruined the whole book.
This is a YA book and I should have left it for them to read.
2.5 stars
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