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The Uncoupling (2011)

by Meg Wolitzer(Favorite Author)
2.85 of 5 Votes: 5
159448788X (ISBN13: 9781594487880)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: I usually use the goodreads app on my phone to help me select which books to buy based in their rating. Unfortunately I had forgotten my phone in the car and picked up "The Uncoupling" based on its description on the back and the cover. When I did finally read the reviews and saw it had an average 2.85 rating I thought it was going to be an awful book. It was better than I expected but not life-changing by any means. I really enjoyed Wolitzer's creative descriptions that evoke such great imagery. Early on she describes certain teachers as "Ichabod Cranes" and others as "pigeon breasted" and I thought those descriptions were clever and I instantly pictured them in my head. I also thought it was a quick, easy read. What I didn't like: *SPOILER* I thought the staying in bed t... moreo protest the Afghanistan war was dumb and pointless and I thought that the lack of sex drive wasn't explored enough though it was supposed to be the main crux of the book. I think it was so underplayed that the story would almost have been better without it.
review 2: A spell comes over the women in a suburban community in New Jersey when the new drama teacher puts on a production of Lysistrata--you know, the one where women refuse to have sex with men until they end the war. The Uncoupling was okay. In hindsight the insight into suburban American life was funny and spot-on, but so much so that it was not laugh out loud funny. More heh...yeah, that's life. less
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I mean there's nothing wrong with this novel, but there's nothing right with it either
Amusing and very readable, but a little thin. Beach book.
Liked this one quite a bit. Smart and quick
I listened to this on audio cd.
Hated this book
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