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Trésor (2012)

by Megan Derr(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
Less Than Three Press
The Lost Gods
review 1: I rather enjoyed the story, but there were some things that kept bothering me, especially as the end drew near.Let's start with something good and which opposite I dreaded since reading the summary of the book. I'm beyond grateful that Derr simplified the complicated name of one of the main characters. Just imagine having to read Nakyokyokyikiao(?) throughout the whole book.The story caught my interest right from the start and I anticipated Kyo's and Kin's reunion and the moment when Kin would realize who Kyo is. Well, that revelation didn't happen at all lime I expected when I read about Kyo's plan to board Kin's ship.Through the book the story gets split between two more characters. Raiden a merchant, and Taka, Kyo's secretary. What bothered me the most were the multip... morele times beginming after about half the book when Kyo's and Kin's name got mixed up during their feeling-good-times.All in all an enjoyable read for all the fantasy readers out there.
review 2: The plot and the story are quite good and I enjoyed the development of the characters. But I gave it only 3 stars because the beginning is more than confusing (I was about to give it up). And the part that really annoyed me was that the two main characters had the same name and even the author confused them! And imagine the sex scenes when you are reading that one of the characters is performing a blow job to himself!!! Hopefully the next books from the series will be much better, as I see that the ratings for these series is 4.15. less
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2.5 stars. The old version was much better, specially at the beginning.
Fantastic Start to a great looking series.
Love the fantasy setting in this series!
Loosely based on Japan mythology.
3.5 stars
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