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The Rules Of Regret (2013)

by Megan Squires(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I know it's basically the point of the whole story, but Darby was like a shell throughout the story. As well as, wouldn't let go, I suppose I should be patient, because she had lost her sister in a horrific way, as well as Lance, but really. She stopped living her life, and pretended to be someone else in a way. But you know what made this book worth reading? Torin. I loved Torin, I wish I could meet a Torin, be friends with one if not date one because he just lights up the room like he lights up the book.I barely ever read, or enjoy, books, I think, that has death in it, where the MC questions God existence, where the MC just can't get over the death, as if they had died themselves. It bothers me because it often happened years ago and I'm saying "Oh, get over." I'm just ... moresaying, "Move on, before you waste your life, before you let it kill you." Because in a way, it is selfish to live like that, to take the blame. You are, in a way, making it about yourself when you blame yourself. Unless you pulled the trigger purposefully, you are not to blame. People make choices. It's not their fault when there are consequences, that is life and whether or not you believe in something greater, give an open mind to it. We can't be here for no reason, because what would be the point?
review 2: Forewarning: this book was much more YA than NA (if at all), just fyi.I found myself getting a bit bored with Torin's constant waxing-harmonic about this mushy quote and that mushy quote.. Just got very repetitive, and I ultimately ended the book with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Also, I wasn't expecting Squires to pull such a soap opera-esque move towards the latter half of the novel.. did not sit well with me. less
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Quick read between classes. It made me laugh and wasn't overly ridiculous. More of a 3.5.
DNF.... Will try this again though. Really want to like it.
"We love the things we love for what they are"
Good book for the most part.
Love this book!
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