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Lovers And Beloveds (2010)

by MeiLin Miranda(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
0981307175 (ISBN13: 9780981307176)
Sans Culotte Press
An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom
review 1: This story is an unusually deep and broad exploration of sexuality, set in a quasi-Victorian fantasy world, with complex characters and relationships. The main drawback, for me (and it was minor), was the fact that the story doesn't wrap up well at the end -- you really have to go on to the next book. Another issue was that occasionally the main character's innocence feels a bit exaggerated/forced, though most of the time it feels realistic. On the whole, I really enjoyed the book. The sexual cult seems much more actually religious than the one in Jaqueline Carey's Kushiel series, although there are some moments where this one seems as if it could cross over into that world.
review 2: This will be the first book that I will write a review for so please bear wit
... moreh me. So what can I say about this book, as I sit here and think about it. I think the author tried to many things with this book this being her first erotic novel. (Spoilers) Instead of making the prince into a good driving force for the kingdom, then opened his eyes to the world of pleasure, she makes him into this simpering boy who does not have a clue about sex that is sheltered from the world by his mother. And he goes to this great and grand ball sees one woman that he likes, instantly falls in love with her and then spends the rest of the book chasing after her bottom. Then you come to find out that she has a brother and she's insisting that they be intimate, And in order to have her he has to join this group. I think this woman may be a hard-core feminist, but I think sex is more than that; making love is a beautiful act between people that love each other. Sex on the other hand is an act for people who just want to release stress. Love may or may not be involved with it. And I see a lot of that in this book. less
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Love it! A well-realized fantasy world. Can't wait to read the next book.
Really tried to stay with this, but this is clearly not a story for me.
Liked it looking forward to the third in the series.
Abandoned. This just wasn't for me.
Guilty pleasure
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