December TBR!

Hey guys! So December is upon us and I have read 45/50 books for my reading challenge! So I have to read five books now and I feel like I’m going to be racing through them as fast as I can. I am definitely not setting such a high target next year because with my new job it has been so challenging. I’m thinking maybe 30 books next year? Not sure yet! Anyways, here are the five books I will be reading this month!

1) Hell Bay by Kate Rhodes

I got approved for this on NetGalley and it sounds so exciting! It reminds me of The Devil’s Claw because they both take place on an island and both of the main characters are returning to the island where they grew up, to seek refugee from a traumatic past. But then a body is found on a beach and they have to track down the killer. I really liked The Devil’s Claw and this one sounds just as exciting. I really love crime thrillers when the main character has a traumatic past because I feel it adds more excitement to the story. It’s like a vulnerability that the killer can tap into. Can’t wait to start this!




2) Now You See by Max Manning

This book sounds amazing! I came across it on NetGalley and just had to request it! It’s a crime thriller and the killer posts photos of his victims online before death and after death. No one knows the identity of the killer and DCI Fenton is determined to find out who the killer is. But then the murderer makes it personal and takes Fenton’s daughter. What’s even more disturbing about this book is that the killer as an online following. It kind of reminds me of Ragdoll a little and I really liked that, so here’s hoping this book is just as good! I can’t wait to read it because sounds really intense and heart-pounding, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

3) Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Really wish I’d steered clear of the reviews for this book until I’d read it because all the reviews are really negative and it’s putting me off reading it! It comes out early next month so I have to read it this month to get my review out on time. I’m actually 100 pages in already and it’s good but I’m finding it really overwhelming at times. I think the writing is unnecessarily complicated at times and there’s an overload of smilies and metaphors. I feel like Sasha and Lindsay are trying too hard to impress their readers. Nevertheless I’m not finding it completely terrible that I have to stop reading it altogether.


4) The Cthulhu Casebooks: Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities by James Lovegrove

I think I will leave this until the end of the month because I didn’t really like the first book. If I don’t like this one I don’t want it to slow my reading down for the month. I have to read five books this month to completely my reading challenge! If I don’t like a book it will take me ages to finish it and I can’t afford for that to happen this month. So this will be one of the last books I read! I am hoping it is an improvement on the first one but I doubt it!



5) Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare 

Look what’s making another appearance on my TBR! I didn’t manage to finish this last month but I have a week off at Christmas so I will be saving it for then. I hate reading Cassie’s books in chunks I prefer reading them all in one go so I can fully appreciate the story and her amazing writing!






I love how everyone is probably going to be getting all cosy with a nice warm Christmas book. But no, not me! I’m reading my usual crime thrillers about psychopath killers! What books will you be reading this month? I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

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