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by Mel Bosworth(Favorite Author)
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Safety Third Enterprises
review 1: Bosworth's latest is a unique chapbook delivering taut, insightful glimpses into the simple lives of the poems' players. I've long been a fan of the short poem--from Bukowski's "I met a genius" to Issa to Mike Kreisel's terrific book "Feeding My Heart to the Wind"--a great short poem is a wonder to behold, and Bosworth offers up a solid collection of them. Personal stand-outs for me are 'Recycling' 'Truth #45' 'February' and my two favorites 'Mending' and 'Argument'. Safety Third Enterprises pulls it all together in a damn fine numbered production, with a gorgeous glossy photo of a one of the cover washing machines tipped in (looks like Brian Manley is responsible for much of that). All in all, another quality offering from Bosworth, one you'll want to own years from now a... mores proof of your keen eye when his work is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
review 2: Well, I must say this is the first time I read this kind of chapbooks. I bought it via online and receive it on my Kindle. Said that, I think it contains some great poems, if they are poems. One of my favourites is the first one. I enjoyed those which create a clear image of a situation. It feels like words are not only there forming a poem, they're creating a context and you can feel that daily situation with a bittersweet sensation. One problem I found is that I'm not a native speaker of English, so some of these poems are simply out of my understanding. Anyway, I enjoyed the book but I found that some poems were absolutely great and others were just sayings. That's why I gave 3 stars.But apart from that, I recommend you to buy it (it's just 2 dollars for Kindle!!!). less
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I've published it. I love it. I think you'll love it. I only like great things.
flash? prose poems? who cares MEL ROCKS IT
I wrote it. I like it.
I read it. I love it
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