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Grease Stains, Kismet, And Maternal Wisdom (2010)

by Mel Bosworth(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 2
145385925X (ISBN13: 9781453859254)
Brown Paper Publishing
review 1: Despite the fact that these crazy kids smoke, drink, and cuss way too much, I believed in them and rooted for them. I hope that when they come down from their high they'll still be as crazy about life, and love, as they are throughout this novella that reads like a prose-poem. For the one hour it took to read this, I felt young and stupid w/ love, as I'm sure I must have been at least once, 3 decades ago when I was their age. Magical - a fairy tale for adults.
review 2: Mel Bosworth’s Grease Stains, Kismet and Maternal Wisdom is a charming novella about two young people, David and Samantha, who’d hooked up once during David’s cross-country visit to see a Seattle friend, Samantha’s neighbor. Serious sparks formed between the two and the narrative cen
... moreters on the couple’s reunion when Samantha’s family visits the East Coast. Bosworth’s writing is snappy and engaging, and relates with humor the relationship of the pair, so blissfully hopeless in love. The dialogue is witty and quite funny throughout, and in addition to the two protagonists, Samantha’s mother proves quite a character. Told through David’s voice, the storytelling is fantastical at times, and always lively, and the reader is served metafictional accounts as times as the characters describe their present roles in the story and where they are in its timeline. While there’s little in the way of background, and it’s hard to get a deeper understanding of the characters except through their playful actions and lighthearted banter (and David’s insecurities which are often related/spliced around his dialogue), the scenes themselves are so delightfully entertaining that Samantha and David might just be the Hepburn and Tracy of the Facebook generation. less
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Funny, aching, seductive and built of pitch-perfect dialog and knowing observation.
I'm not sure I understood this book. But I'm positive I loved it.
Mel Bosworth is love.
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