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Watching Over You (2014)

by Mel Sherratt(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
147781972X (ISBN13: 9781477819722)
Thomas & Mercer
review 1: Although this book gets a 4* rating on general review I was not impressed either with the storyline or the general flow of the story. It was all too predicable and have to say was relieved to get to the end. No matter how bad a book is I always persevere (it just might get better?). It's supposed to be a psychological thriller but nothing thrilling in this read! But don't let me put you off........
review 2: Wow!I now completely understand why Elizabeth Haynes described this as a book you need to read from behind a cushion! I can't remember the last time a book unsettled me quite this much. And, Ella, what a character. Just reading about her made me feel grubby - mentally and physically - and it's testament to Mel's skill that she achieved such a feat. And Ella
... more isn't the only creepy character in the book. Everyone is being watched by someone. I'm never leaving my lights on and my curtains open ever again. You just don't know who's watching... less
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Its not often I spend all day reading, but this one really was a page-turner!
Great thriller, interesting look into the mind of a dangerous schizophrenic.
Enjoyed the story {I do like a Stalker} but book lacked something.
the writing was very juvenile--an easy read though
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