Time to move on.

Chances are you’ve heard of Pete the Cat. You may own all of his books. But, have you noticed the difference in them? The original stories are based on songs by Eric Litwin, but somewhere along the line, Litwin left the franchise and it was taken over by the illustratir, James Dean.

I’m just not feeling the newer books. I really loved the song based format of the early books and so the creative change has left me feeling like there must be more out there somewhere in some other books.

The good news is there are indeed other books, and they are Eric Litwin originals.

I imagine every parents has felt trapped in a nuthouse when our kids refuse to wind down and go to bed. It’s the same for poor Mama Nut when Hazel and Wally just won’t stop playing. You can download the song for this book, and all the others in the set, at www.thenutfamily.com.

Hazel has got the dancing bug and is shimmying and shaking in her polka dot pants. No one seems to want to dance with her though. Hazel goes through quite a few dance parodies (I like Gramma Nut’s best.)

The newest book about this nutty family has Hazel and Wally out playing in the mud. They keep rolling, using mud to grow bigger and bigger in a very gingerbread boy-style story.

As I said before, they are based on songs so they are lyrical and fun to read. Litwin shares the sings with us for free, a great bonus. Litwin also has a second series that has music at its core: Groovy Joe.

Ice Cream and Dinosaurs is out now and the next book will be released in September.

I hope I haven’t offended any die-hard Pete the Cat fans, only enlightened them to more nutty and groovy song based stories like the ones we all fell in love with when Pete first came out.

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