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Love By The Letter (2013)

by Melissa Jagears(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
Bethany House Publishers
review 1: What a great novella. I had first read A Bride For Keeps and loved it! So had to read this one which starts the series. I am hoping the author will be coming out with A Bride In Store soon as I enjoy her style of writing never any typos and continuously keeps the interest going! If you want a good clean romance with a great story to go along with it this is a series for you. Her books are set in late 1800s with a Christian flare to them. Regardless of what faith you follow it's a 5 star book you won't want to miss. If you are looking for smut you won't find that here nor lots of sex. You will find a well written, love story!
review 2: Dex Stanton is preparing to head west and wants to take a bride with him. He had to quit school when he was young to support his
... more family so he didn't learn to read and even though he had really loved Rachel Oliver for a long time he felt she would never be interested in him because she was so smart and he was dumb. So in his quest for a bride he decided to go the mail-order way.When Dex discovers Rachel is teaching his step-nephew to read he takes a chance and asks her to help him in the few days he has left before the wagon train leaves. He really needs help because when he got the response from the mail-order bride letter she was laughing at his spelling, how can he find a bride if he can't even spell out what he wants. No one is more surprised than Dex when he gets the idea that just maybe Rachel would marry him and go west, but then the day before the wagon train is to leave, and he hasn't had a chance to ask Rachel, who shows up but the mail-order bride! He never responded to her letter to tell her whether she should come or not to Kansas and go west with him, so now what can he do? And to top it all off Rachel sees and hears it all.If this is any clue as to the rest of the series, I will love it! I don't believe I've read any of Melissa's books, but this prequel was great and has me looking forward to the whole series. Melissa did a wonderful job.You can only get this prequel as an e-book and as of this posting it is free on Amazon. Hurry up and get it while you can at this price! less
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I enjoyed this novella! I didn't want to put it down!
Super cute short read
very good
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