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Shards And Ashes (2013)

by Melissa Marr(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 1
0062098454 (ISBN13: 9780062098450)
review 1: I really liked the concept of this book. Essentially, this is simply a compilation of short stories of the same genre by various authors. Pros: if you get bored easily when reading, this book is ideal because you can just read one story at a time; there are various styles of writing and subgenres represented in here so you're bound to like at least one; they're all the same genre (dystopian future). Cons: if you're a more committed reader, you might be disappointed that these stories aren't longer (for some of the stories, I definitely was); there are various styles of writing and subgenres represented here so you're likely to dislike at least one; they're all the same genre so if you don't like dystopian future, you're probably not going to enjoy ANY of the stories. For t... morehe most part, I really enjoyed reading this collection because it was fun to see what authors come up with when faced with the same genre. There were definitely some stories that I wish would've A) been longer, and B) had a more conclusive ending. For almost all of the stories, they left me feeling like I wanted to know more, more, more. Many of these stories could have turned into wonderful full-length novels. Some of the stories were definitely not as clean as others. Some had a few curses and other profanity but, for the most part, this novel was very clean. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes this genre.
review 2: My favourite would have to be necklace of raindrops by Margaret Stohl. I tried reading Beautiful Creatures twice, but I never did finish in either case. But for some reason, this story captured my attention the most. I loved the writing and the ending was awesome! If Margaret Stohl ever writes another novel by herself without Kami Garcia (no offence to Kami Garcia, you're still a good writer) I wll definitely give it a try. less
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There's some gritty fun creativity coursing through these stories. Good reads.
I loved reading the short stories except that some left me unsatisfied.
Some books definitely better than others. Overall a depressing read.
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