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New York Debut (2009)

by Melody Carlson(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
0310714931 (ISBN13: 9780310714934)
Carter House Girls
review 1: The final book is here and the Carter House Girls are thrilled to go to New York for their fashion debut! What could go wrong? A major fight between Taylor and Eliza, that`s what could go wrong! D.J. is now a fashion queen and can`t wait to go to this major debut! Will Taylor and Eliza get rid of that chance? Throughout the book D.J. can`t decide if she is good as a model or if she should give the fashion world up and go back to being a tomboy and having no sense of style. After all, these girls are only interested in style instead of personality... except for Casey that is. What will happen to D.J.`s dream?
review 2: This author's books keep going into a downward spiral. Melody Carlson used to be one of my favorite authors, but this book has cemented her near
... morethe bottom of my least-favorite authors. The characters are exactly like others she's written, except for a few minuscule differences. The dialogue is completely unrealistic, the plotlines are cliched. It seems she's systematically going through every issue she's ever covered in her writing. Is Casey going to try Wicca? Or is some sort of vegan greenfreak going to move in? Honestly, don't waste your time on these. I couldn't even finish reading this. less
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I liked that this one took place during Fashion Week in New York.
Better than the last one but didn't impress me much.
This series is one of my favorites!
F CARchg bk. 6
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