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Elementary: All-New Tales Of The Elemental Masters (Elemental Masters) (2013)

by Mercedes Lackey(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 2
0756409594 (ISBN13: 9780756409593)
review 1: A collection of stories set in Lackey's Elemental Masters series world, with magic workers divided by the four elements: air, water, earth, fire, though some can work with more than one. 19 stories including one new one from Lackey. As with any collection, quality varies.Stories are: Fire-water by Samuel Conway; Fire song by Diana L. Paxson; Sails of the Armada by Kristin Schwengel; The wild rogue by Fiona Patton; Feathers and foundations by Elizabeth A. Vaughan; Hearth and family by Dayle A. Dermatis; Secret friends by Louisa Swann; Fire’s daughter by Elisabeth Waters; Picking up the pieces by Cedric Johnson; Price of family by Jennifer Brozek; Arms of the sea by Tanya Huff; London falling by Ben Ohlander; The king of the River Rats by Michele Lang; Air of deception by ... moreJody Lynn Nye; Fly or fall by Stephanie Shaver; Bone dance by Rosemary Edghill & Rebecca Fox; The flying contraption by Ron Collins; A peony amongst roses by Gail Sanders & Michael Z. Williamson; Into the woods by Mercedes Lackey.
review 2: I'm giving this 3 stars, but that's generous; it really only deserves a 2.5 rating. I don't remember another anthology by Lackey with so few good stories in it, and I didn't think that some properly reflected the theme, that of the world of Lackey's Elemental Masters. A couple of the stories were so bad I didn't finish them. Small annoyance: the Table of Contents doesn't show authors' names with the story titles, nor the page numbers at which the stories start. I always like that information, since I can tell if I have time to read the next story by checking the length. The better stories were "Air of Deception" by Jody Lynn Nye, "Bone Dance" by Rosemary Edghill and Rebecca Fox, "A Peony Amongst Roses" by Gail Sanders and Michael Z. Williamson, and "Arms of the Sea" by Tanya Huff. less
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It was decent. Not every story was great but the majority was attention grabbing.
Good collection of short stories based on the Elemental Masters world.
A fun and fast read on a road trip. Short stories are good for that.
Like most anthologies, some stories are better than others.
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