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Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case: Race, Law, And Justice In The Reconstruction Era (2014)

by Michael A. Ross(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
1322061769 (ISBN13: 9781322061764)
Oxford University Press, USA
review 1: This is a portrait of reconstruction era New Orleans masquerading as a true crime novel in a very pleasant way. This period in the post-Civil war South, and New Orleans in particular, is often overlooked and illuminates a fleeting period when integration seemed possible prior to the implementation of Jim Crow and the Black Codes. However - do not expect the crime story to be nearly as satisfying as the image of the city itself during this period.
review 2: The setting in old true crime cases is a vital aspect of helping readers understand how and why things happened as they did. Not all nonfiction authors are able to convey those details. Michael Ross has no such problem. He expertly weaves bits of history and sociology in with the kidnapping case of Mollie Di
... moregby, offering a clear view of both the crime and the culture.The picture painted here is not a pretty one in American history. In 1870, when this crime occurred, New Orleans was a city divided by politics, class, and race. Radical Reconstruction was underway. Many whites were rebelling against the blacks' newfound roles in society, such as their placement on the police force and their ability to serve on juries. All this turmoil serves as a vital backdrop to the crime.The kidnapping itself is a bizarre case. Ross unravels it all in pieces, from start to finish, showing us how it plays out while allowing us to form our own opinions. This is by far one of the best nonfiction books I've read - ever. less
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3.5 stars really. Nice look at reconstruction era through the lens of a particular case.
Interesting and flows well, if not a thrill-a-minute type story.
Very good book that I picked up on my trip to New Orleans.
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