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The Three-Day Affair. Michael Kardos (2013)

by Michael Kardos(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 4
178185081X (ISBN13: 9781781850817)
Head of Zeus
review 1: I just didn't believe any of this and there wasn't one character I liked or cared about..the story depends on believing that Will, once he realizes that Jeffrey doesn't want him to drive to the hospital, doesn't turn around and go back to the store. I could not believe that Will kept driving..and it continued to break down when three smart guys didn't think that going back ASAP was the best thing...and if the reader couldn't follow that logic then the story is just...ludicrous.
review 2: A friend gave me this book so thought I would try a few pages.............Well what a delightful book about four friends who met in college and have a yearly reunion of playing golf, drinking and having fun reliving the good ole days.Then one of them does something so quick a
... morend so unexpected that the others went along with it before they realized what happened. Once they understand what just happened they knew their lives would be changed forever. You keep wondering what would I have done? It is a good read with an ending that I didn't figure out (and I am good at that) :) and the twist made it even better.This is Mr. Kardos first book but I will be looking forward to reading this next one. less
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Ok but kind of disappointing. Was expecting better.
Great book! Author to watch!
Really 3 1/2 stars!
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